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The Automotive Glass specialists at Bobby & Steve’s Auto World understand that getting your windshield fixed is necessary for your safety and the safety of those in the car with you.

If you are not sure whether or not your windshield is repairable, have it looked at by the Automotive Glass specialists at Bobby & Steve’s Auto World. It is worth not having to replace your windshield entirely if it is significantly cheaper to repair it. Our Automotive Glass specialists can repair chips up to the size of a quarter, or offer an easy windshield replacement. The key to saving your windshield is responsiveness in getting it repaired soon after the damage is done. The longer you wait, the more the damage can spread. If your windshield is not fixed in time, it can result in needing a windshield replacement. The Automotive Glass specialists at Bobby & Steve’s Auto World recommend that you replace the windshield if the damage obstructs the vision of the driver.

Windshields make up 40-50% of your vehicles rollover strength and are also used in airbag safety. When your airbag goes off, it pushes against the windshield and dashboard to make it inflate in your direction rather than inflating upwards. If a windshield is already cracked or improperly installed, it may not hold in the case of a crash, and the airbag loses much of its support. The sooner you call the Automotive Glass specialists at Bobby & Steve’s Auto World after the first crack, the safer you are.

Automotive Glass Repair Minneapolis

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Our auto glass repair experts are up to the task.  When you need your windshield repaired or replaced, or have other auto repair needs, call Bobby & Steve’s Auto World of Minneapolis!

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