Auto Detailing in Minneapolis

Remember that feeling you had when you drove your new vehicle off the lot? The fresh smell of leather, the impeccably clean dashboard, fresh carpet, and a coat of paint that sparkles in the sun?

As professional Automotive Reconditioning Specialists, our goal at Bobby & Steve’s Auto World of Minneapolis is simple. We want to bring your vehicle to as close as new as we possibly can.

Our formula for achieving the perfect detailing involves three key elements:

Professional training and education

Our Reconditioning Specialists are certified in the proper use of chemicals, equipment, and buffing techniques. Your vehicle’s paint surface should be smooth and have a mirror-like reflection. The non-trained or improperly trained detailers that are so common in this region simply cannot achieve this level of perfection.

Top of the line detailing equipment

In addition to a wide variety of cleaning pads, brushes, and chemical applicators, we ensure that your vehicle becomes as clean as possible through the use of commercial detailing equipment. When shampooing your carpets and upholstery, we employ the use of a hot water extractor with a three-phase vacuum. Not only do we loosen the dirt and oil from your carpets, it is all removed through the extraction process. As far as the painted surfaces of the vehicle, we use a dual-head orbital polisher to remove oxidation and swirls from your clear-coat surface. Most detailing shops use a high-speed rotary buffer on the vehicle’s exterior. When improperly used, this tool can cause significant damage to the paint surfaces of your vehicle.

Chemicals that are specially formulated for different surfaces of the vehicle

Your vehicle has many different surfaces (glass, vinyl, leather, upholstery, carpet, paint, plastic, chrome, aluminum, etc.). Each requires its own chemicals for cleaning and conditioning. We have over 20 different chemicals in our arsenal to properly treat each application. Only through proper chemical usage can your vehicle be brought back to new.

Car Detailing and Cleaning in Minneapolis

Bobby & Steve’s Auto World offers quality Auto Detailing in Minneapolis

Choose from our custom built detailing packages or choose from an a la carte program to suit your needs. Prices and packages may vary at each of our 3 Minneapolis locations. Click here for a list of auto detailing prices available at most locations.

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