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Tow Driver

Join Bobby & Steve’s Auto World as a tow driver! Bobby & Steve’s Auto World is a highly competitive, family-owned business. We have a full benefits package to offer with this position including health insurance, company-paid dental and life insurance, and competitive group rates on accident insurance, short-term disability, and critical illness, along with other perks such as tuition discounts. We also offer paid training. There are opportunities for advancement and recognition and the ability to earn a safe driving bonus and structured incentive plan to keep increasing your income. Job description as follows:

Summary: The tow truck operator position consists of communicating with a dispatcher, driving to the scene of an accident or breakdown, connecting the vehicle to the tow truck, and transporting it back to the service station or junkyard.


  • The driver will be responsible for attaching the disabled vehicle to the tow truck. Depending on the type of tow truck, this may include using a chain, winch, steering locks, and other devices as well as affixing lights onto the towed vehicle.
  • Drivers will interact with customers, speaking to them about their auto issues and providing necessary assistance.
  • Communicates well with our advocates and possess a basic knowledge of cars and automotive parts.
  • May perform small repairs on the scene of a breakdown such as changing tires, reconnecting parts, or jumpstarting the car.
  • Writes up reports of services rendered and accepts payments.
  • Adheres to MNDOT policy and procedure.
  • Provide an impeccably clean view for the advocate into our tow trucks.
  • Actively promote our products and services to every advocate.


  • Must have a valid driver’s license and a record of safe driving.
  • Must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or the equivalent.
  • Prior work experience is not necessary.
  • Experience in trucking or automotive repair is a plus.
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