The Tire Center at Bobby & Steve’s Auto World is one of the fastest growing in the Twin Cities. At the Bobby & Steve’s Auto World Tire Center you are recommended only the right tire for your vehicle, not just what’s in stock.

Keeping your tires in good condition and properly inflated is just as important as changing your engine oil! Badly worn tires can adversely affect the handling and braking characteristics of your vehicle, making it dangerous and often times unpredictable.

When the time comes to buy new tires, the options can be overwhelming. Selecting the right tire for your vehicle is very important and is not always easy to do without additional assistance from an expert. The Certified Tire Experts at Bobby & Steve’s Auto World Tire Center are prepared to help guide you through your options right down to what is the best for the make and model of your vehicle and your driving habits. Your safety, as well as driving enjoyment over the next years and thousands of miles will be determined by this decision.