Towing Services in Eden Prairie

Due to the nature of automotive construction, all wheel drive, rear wheel drive, automatic or manual transmission, not all cars are made equal and may require different Towing Service methods. The Certified Technicians at Bobby & Steve’s Auto World of Eden Prairie know this and will provide the correct Towing Service by using the correct tow truck and method for the job.

We offer various types of towing, including:

Flatbed Towing uses flatbed tow trucks, also called rollback tow trucks, and contains a large empty bed in the back of the truck. Using hydraulics, this bed can be inclined in order to form the shape of a ramp. The vehicle can then be either driven onto the flatbed or a winch can be used to drag it into place. This Towing Service is a preferred method for hauling vehicles because they do not place pressure on the vehicle or drag it for a period of time. Rather, all of the stress is placed on the tow truck.

Hook and Chain Towing is mostly reserved for damaged cars as this method can cause blemishes to the car’s paint and damage the car itself. With this Towing Service, a chain is wrapped around the axle or the frame as a means of securing the vehicle for the Towing Service.

Wheel-lift Towing is similar to hook and chain towing. However, tow trucks use a metal yoke rather instead of a chain. The yoke can be hooked under the front or the rear wheels of the vehicle being towed. With this Towing Service, a hydraulic or pneumatic hoist is then activated to lift the vehicle from the ground in order to tow it away.


Bobby & Steve's Towing Service Eden Prairie

The Motor Clubs we tow for are:

AAA, Agero, Allstate Motor Club, Geico, Road America

Services we provide:



Jump starts

Tire changes


Fuel delivery

Be assured that Bobby & Steve’s Auto World Certified Technicians will tow your vehicle with the greatest care and will safely tow your vehicle to any of our locations.